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Upcoming Personal Trainer Courses

To get you qualified and training clients more quickly, we've packaged two of the most popular personal training certificates together in one course.

In a total of just nine study days, you'll have both the Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instruction and the Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training under your belt.

Course Dates:
14th/15th September 2019
28th/29th September 2019
19th/20th October 2019
26th/27th October 2019
9th/10th November  2019
World-Class Training

Our coaches have trained hundreds of fitness professionals and personal trainers, helping them achieve their goals.

Real Experience

The Fitness Worx Academy is powered by Origin Series, an elite group of personal trainers and industry specialists with over 25 years of experience.

Beyond Training Theory

What makes us unique is our experience in business, time and resource management, client relationships and industry experience. We're not just all about the theory, we'll help you build your personal training business.