Ropes. Bells. Sweat.

Using HIIT training methods with battle ropes, slam balls & kettlebells, the Battle-bells class will put your metabolism into overdrive, burning fat for a full 45mins. Whether you are a beginner or athlete, this class will Improve your power and endurance.

Class Information

What Will I Do?

Get fit and drop body fat quick! If your wanting to get into shape, this is the class for you.

What Will I Achieve?

Battle-bells has been designed to strengthen your body and help you drop body fat, before leaving the building!

Am I Fit Enough?

It’s a tough class, but with hard work comes rewards – (The perfect you) – Go at your own pace, but keep up with the 1 min circuits!

Class Stats

Calories Burned


The harder you work, the more calories you’ll burn.

How Long Does it Last?

How Will I Feel?

SWEATY! This class will leave you dripping, but wanting more. When your see the fat vanish, you will want to do it again and again!