Dear members,
Thank you for your support over the last 12 weeks.
Before Lockdown, each gym gave out fitness equipment to members. As we approach the re-launch of Fitness Worx Gyms, we would kindly now ask for this back to get the gyms in order ready for the return.
We have a specific day and time that we would like you to bring this please: SATURDAY 27TH JUNE – 10AM TO MIDDAY.
We have made some huge changes around the facilities and we look forward to you seeing them.
Once again that’s SATURDAY 27TH JUNE – 10AM TO MIDDAY – Please give the kit a clean prior to bringing it back so we can safely put this back in its home place and ready for another deep clean. This drop off also includes all Spin Bikes.
Thank you once again and we shall see you on the 27th June for the Kit drop off at the gym you collected it from.
Team FWX!
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