Phoebe Little

FWX Personal Trainer

Phoebe has been involved in the fitness industry for a number of years. She has competed on stage at the highest level in the United Kingdom and has won multiple competitions. She focuses on weight loss and strength packages at FWX Gyms.

Phoebe's Bio

My Personal Training Style

The last 5 years has led me to develop a unique Personal Training style, helping clients to achieve weight loss and fitness goals. Having competed in fitness competitions, I know what it takes to make a difference to not only your body shape, but your health.

My Goals and Ambitions

I want to help you achieve goals that you don’t think you can achieve. We are in this together and I will guide you through every step of the way.

My Experience

From a young age, my journey started off with competitive dancing. I ended up loving the fitness side of it so much that I wanted to help people make a difference in their lives through fitness – I am always learning and wanting to expand my knowledge.