Metabolic Conditioning

Metabolic Conditioning workouts are fast paced, high intensity sessions completed in a short period of time, that will put your metabolism into overdrive and rapidly burn fat. Challenge your cardiovascular capacity and burn fat for up to 24 hours after the session ends! All abilities welcome.

Class Information

What Will I Do?

This class is designed to get that heat racing for a full 60mins, which will burn fat for upto 24hours.

What Will I Achieve?

Not only will you develop a stronger and defined body, but a range of new met-con techniques.

Am I Fit Enough?

Metabolic training is for anyone with the ability to move from one station to another with minimal rest. This class is the most effective for burning fat quick.

Class Stats

Calories Burned


The harder you work, the more calories you’ll burn.

How Long Does it Last?

How Will I Feel?

Yes, you will leave dripping with sweat, but who said results come easy? Get it done, get the body you want!