FWX Online – Never again will you have to go to the gym without a game plan. With FWX Online, you’ll look better, lift heavier and be FIT, all thanks to a finely tuned, mobile-friendly coaching plans that guide you through every step of your workout — no matter your fitness level we can help you.

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Functional + is a program designed to challenge more seasoned individuals in the gym with simple compound movements and accessory exercises, supplemented with high intensity fitness blocks, with application to how they benefit individuals outside the gym in mind. Just because it is simple does not mean it will be easy.

The programme will challenge your muscular strength, endurance and cardio-vascular fitness while simultaneously pushing mental resilience to the limit.

Functional + includes 5 total sessions per week, 3 strength focused sessions and 2 aerobically challenging sessions. Each session will, if done correctly, will last between 45-70 minutes.

5 sessions per week | 45-70min Workouts

Hypertrophy + is a program designed to build muscle tissue in key areas of the human body, such as the chest, shoulders, back and legs.

This program is designed for individuals who have mastered technique in compound movements and lack accountability and progressive overload. With a nod to old school bodybuilding, hypertrophy + will combine the best compound movements and accessory movements to be able to build your ideal physique.

It will consist of 5 periodised sessions per week and will challenge muscular strength and endurance, building with it a foundation base of muscle tissue.

4 sessions per week | 45-60min Workouts

The 80 day challenge is a classic FWX package which has been proven in practice to assist individuals in losing weight, building muscle and strength. 

You will work 1-1 with a coach, where they will program weekly exercise and nutritional regimes catered for you. With an emphasis on weight training and evidence based nutritional knowledge, the 80 day program is specific to your individual needs based on your lifestyle.

The 80 Day includes 4-5 total sessions per week, nutritional support weekly and zoom check-ins. Each session will, if done correctly, will last between 45-60 minutes

4-5 sessions per week | 45-60min Workouts

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