80 Day Transformation

The results will become an addiction.

FWX’s 80 Day Challenge is our ultimate package, which has been designed to educate and give you the results you want. The package teaches the correct lifting techniques and the importance of nutrition and lifestyle factors, to maximise your gym experience.

We tailor the package to your goal, whether that be weight loss, general fitness or strength. In the 80 days, we want you to become gym-sufficient.

In 80 days our average fat loss % sits at 13%. If you are looking at building muscle, we average a 3-5kg muscle increase in the 80 days – Let’s change you this time, for good!

Package Information

What Will I Do?

You will have 2 or 3 sessions per week, tailored to your end goal. The trainers will push you to reach maximum output and results.

What Will I Achieve?

Do you want to excel your fitness journey, to see long term results? This is the package for you!!

Am I Fit Enough?

No matter what age or ability, in 80 Days you will become a completely different version of yourself and excel in fitness and nutrition.

Package Stats

How Many Sessions?


The weekly sessions can be tailored to your requirements.

2 or 3 sessions per week

How Many Days?


We can move the goalposts here to deliver the package in a shorter time or extend the results to a slightly longer time period.

How Will I Feel?

Ready to take the gym head on after the 80 Days. You will have all of the tools you need to guide your long-term journey!!

Ready to Get Started?


Book your free Health Consultation at FWX Gyms. You will come in to see the gym, meet the team and discuss your goals, to find an approach that’s right for you.

We will also discuss nutrition and body stats % that are both included on all packages!