The Kickstarter!

Get started and on track

Our coaches have your BACK! – Looking for that extra support with your training and nutrition at a FWX Gym? Our Kickstarter Packages could be exactly what you need.

We have two block options available – Block of 4 or Block of 10 (2 sessions per week for 5 weeks)

The micro packages include Personal Training sessions weekly with a FWX Coach who will also tailor your nutrition around your goals. Your coach will also complete bodystats at the start and end to make sure you are heading to where you need to be.

Interested? – We have just 5 spaces per gym available this month – Start right away!

Package Information

What Will I Do?

Using the most up to date methods, drop body fat, put on muscle and improve your all-round general fitness levels.

What Will I Achieve?

Leave the sessions feeling worked. We want to share with you as much knowledge as possible as well as helping you get results!

Am I Fit Enough?

Whether you are a beginner or a gym pro, The Kickstart is individually designed to your goal. Get on the track with us.

Package Stats

How Many Sessions?

4 or 10

Kickstarter is based on 2 sessions per week over 5 weeks. If you feel like mixing things up, you can do a small block of 4 also.

How Many Days?


We can move the goalposts here to deliver the package in a shorter time or extend the results to a slightly longer time period.

How Will I Feel?

Your fitness levels will improve dramatically through the 1-2-1 tailored session focusing on all areas of your body.

Ready to Get Started?

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