Get started and on track

Need extra support with your training and nutrition at an FWX Gym? Our Kickstarter Packages are just what you need.

Choose from two options: a Block of 5 or a Block of 10 sessions.


  • 1-2-1 training sessionS with a coach that’s picked out for you
  • Learn a range of different movements to build a strong fitness foundation
  • Get familiar with your gym and the equipment
  • Stay on track for your fitness goals with a coach that holds you accountable

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Client feedback

“The Kickstarter Package at Fitness Worx jumpstarted my fitness journey. The personalised training and nutrition guidance were game-changers!”Emily R.

“I saw amazing results in just a few weeks with the Kickstarter Package. The support and expertise at Fitness Worx are top-notch!”Mark S.

“Fitness Worx’s Kickstarter Package gave me the confidence and tools I needed to achieve my fitness goals. Highly recommend!”Sarah L.