Train with a friend or family member!

The Pairs package is perfect for two individuals with similar fitness goals who want to train together. Whether you’re couples, friends, or family members, this package saves you an average of 50% compared to a single package!

Get fit, reduce body fat, and build strength—all with a buddy to keep you accountable.


  • Alongside your FWX personal trainer, train together and hit your goals together
  • Get the full coaching experience at a fraction of the normal cost
  • Learn the importance of quality nutrition, good technique and get fit together

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Client testimonial

“My friend and I joined the Perfect Pairs package at Fitness Worx, and it’s been a fantastic experience! Training together kept us both motivated and accountable. The personalised workouts and expert guidance have helped us both reach our fitness goals faster than we imagined. Plus, saving 50% compared to individual packages was a huge bonus. Highly recommend for anyone looking to get fit with a buddy!” – Amy & Beth