Shredded in Six

Epic results in the quickest time possible.

Shredded in 6, is FWX’s famous 6 or 9-week intense fat loss program for both men and women. We tailor the sessions for each client. Whether you are a gym pro or just starting off we can help you. Our average weight loss in 6-weeks is 7.5%!

The 1-2-1 weekly sessions fit in with your lifestyle and the package includes full nutritional help and support. We have partnered with MyFitnessPal to help you track calories and not restrict foods. As long as you do what we ask of you, the results will be great!

Shredded in Six Transformations

Here’s what some of our clients have achieved on the Shredded in Six package…

Package Information

What Will I Do?

You will burn fat whilst working with the functional circuits and weights to shred down that stubborn fat!

What Will I Achieve?

You will get completely ripped to shreds! Whether you have booked a holiday or just want to get into tip top shape, this is for you.

Am I Fit Enough?

With hard work and the right mind-set, the results will be achieved. Walk out dripping in sweat whilst burning down the fat!

Package Stats

How Many Sessions?


The weekly sessions can be tailored to your requirements.

2 session per week for 9 weeks or 3 sessions per week for 6 weeks available!

How Many Days?


We can move the goalposts here to deliver the package in a shorter time or extend the results to a slightly longer time period.

How Will I Feel?

Fit and Ripped.. End the 6 weeks knowing how good you look with less body fat, ready for any occasion!

Ready to Get Started?

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