Stronger in Six

Believing in yourself, makes you strong.

Strong in 6, is a 6 week intense strength program which can be tailored to the goals of everyone – from elite athletes looking to rapidly get stronger, through to busy business people and parents with young children. We fit the plan in with your lifestyle and aim to deliver maximum results in minimum time. Working 1-2-1 with a FWX Trainer, they will develop a tailored plan around your 1-2-1 sessions – As long as you do what we ask of you, the results will be EPIC!


Stronger in Six Transformations

Here’s what some of our clients have achieved on the Stronger in Six package…

Package Information

What Will I Do?

You will work 1-2-1 with a trainer, working around the gym and functional equipment focusing on strength exercises for maximum output.

What Will I Achieve?

We install a strict methodology and tailor in bespoke programs dependant on your circumstances. You will become stronger and your fitness will improve dramatically.

Am I Fit Enough?

Ability is put to one side as focusing on strength exercise is key to this program. The bar will be set and you be pushed to become stronger.

Package Stats

How Many Sessions?


The weekly sessions can be tailored to your requirements.

2 or 3 sessions per week

How Many Days?


We can move the goalposts here to deliver the package in a shorter time or extend the results to a slightly longer time period.

How Will I Feel?

We want to ensure long term integrity of your body’s muscles and soft tissue, keeping you healthy and active, and not on the physiotherapy table!


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